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Get the expert guidance you need to transform your studio, with the support, help, and insight of other studio owners just like you. You’ve found your guide and your tribe, and we’re going to be with you every step of the way.
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When Did it Stop Being Fun?
When you opened your studio, it was exciting, wasn’t it? You were combining your passion with a business, and that meant it was all supposed to come together and work perfectly. 

After all…

“Follow your bliss!” they said. 

“Work on something you love, and it’ll never feel like work!” they said. 

“Do what you love and the money will follow!” they said.

Except…that’s not really how it worked out, was it? 

Yes, you love your business and you love your students. But you don’t love the long hours. 

You don’t love getting home after your kids have gone to bed. You don’t love the constant stress. The dramatic ups and downs. The elation when a new student signs up and the panic every time one cancels. All of the hours spent trying to do paperwork and management and marketing and all of thing things that have to get done but drag you down instead of lighting you up.

And even with all of that—all of the work, all of the long hours, all of the worrying—your business still isn’t where you want to be. Or worse, maybe you’re not sure you’ll be able to stick it out for much longer. 
If children could learn to tap dance on their own, they wouldn’t need you. But no one’s born knowing how to tap dance: They need a teacher. 

Well, guess what? No one’s born knowing how to be a successful studio owner, either! You need a guide who can collaborate with you, take what you've been working so hard to build, and take it further and faster than you have been able to do on your own.

If you’re marveling at a studio across town that’s always busy and wondering how the owner seems so happy and carefree, here’s an insider secret: She got some help. 

Introducing the Amplify Mastermind: your personal path to studio success, with guidance from a pro and support from other driven and dynamic studio owners just like you. 

For a full year, we’ll focus on making the biggest possible impact on both your business and your life. Imagine it: More money, less stress. More delighted students, less time away from the people you love. More…like the way you dreamed your business would be.

Through one-on-one coaching, group calls, guest expert trainings, strategy sessions, and even in-person, members-only retreats, you’ll work with me and your fellow mastermind members to finally identify and take the exact steps you need to transform your studio into a revenue-generating powerhouse—all while creating systems that leave you with less stress and more time for you.

Interested? I thought you might be! Click below to apply for Amplify and schedule your fitting call to see if this is the next best step for you to help you continue to grow the amazing business you've been building. There are limited spots available so don’t wait! 
My goals for you...
At the very least, I’d like to help you to get to six-figures. Let’s call that our baseline. I’ve helped countless studios do it in the past—one in as little as 90 days!—and we can make that our plan for you, too. 

But, I also want so much more for you. Yes, I want you to make lots and lots of money. I want your studio to start bringing in the kind of money that makes you sigh with relief the first few months, and then makes you start jumping for joy. Life-changing, even retire-your-spouse money if you want. 

I want a lifestyle change for you, too. No more waking up panicked in the middle of the night. No more missing important events in your kids’ lives. No more fighting with your spouse about time or money or attention—or all three. 

I want you to be successful in every area of your life. I want you to be happy, and healthy, and thriving. I want your business to excite you and light you up again. I want you to know that you have plenty of time and energy for your family, your friends and, yes,—dare I even say it??—YOU. 

I want your studio to start taking care of you, instead of the other way around. 

And Amplify is exactly how we can make it all happen.
Applications are now being accepted. Click the button to apply for this program!
What AMPLIFY is all about...
Amplify is the mastermind for ambitious, committed studio owners who are ready collaborate, combine our collective knowledge and experiences, leverage our strengths, and take the steps together that lead to complete business bliss.

Let me give you a frame of reference. A successful studio business rests on seven essential structures:
  • Marketing & social media
  •  New customer attraction
  •  Customer connection & retention
  •  Leadership & team building
  •  Financial focus
  •  Productivity & systems
  •  Profitable programs
In Amplify, I’ll give you the tools to master each of these areas but, even more importantly, I’ll give you the personal support and guidance to customize each solution to your unique business. This is not a self-paced course; it’s an interactive coaching and co-constructing experience based on your particular experience, vision, strengths and challenges.

We’re limiting the Amplify mastermind to just 20 driven and dedicated studio owners to make sure that everyone gets a high level of personal attention and support. Doors will close as soon as we fill our spots with the right studio owners, so be sure to get your application in right away!
Here's What You Can Expect as an Amplify Member:
  • 2-60 Minute Closed Door Group Calls Every Month & All Call Recordings (Value $6000)
  • ​1-30-Minute Private 1:1 Coaching Call Every Month (Value $6000)
  • 1-60-Minute Private Goal-Setting Call (Value $1000) **Pay in Full: Upgrade to a Private 2-Hour Intensive
  • ​Free, unlimited access to my ENTIRE course library and anything else I create while you are a member (Value $3000)
  • ​Private Facebook Group (Value $3000)
  • ​In-depth guest-expert trainings from some of the top pros in marketing, business building, and more (Value $2000)
  • ​2 Exclusive In-Person Retreats - Scottsdale, AZ and Chicago, IL (Value $8000)
  • ​1-2 Day Virtual Retreat (Value $2000)
  • ​Unlimited Monday-Friday Private Voxer Voice & Text Support (Value $5000) 
  • ​**Early Bird Bonus: 30  Additional Days of Voxer Support and Access to Full Course Library Before January 1st Kickoff (join by Nov. 20th)
What's the total value of everything you'll receive inside of Amplify?
Does Amplify Include (Fill in the Blank)?
We dive deep into everything that falls under those seven areas I spoke about above, not to mention a whole ton of other topics and techniques that’ll move your business ahead. 

But, let’s be honest: I can’t predict the future and neither can you! It’s impossible to forecast everything we'll discuss, everything you and your mastermind sisters will need support through, and all of the ideas you’ll come up with—which is exactly why a mastermind is so amazing. 

This isn’t like one of those huge studio owner events with someone 200 feet away on a stage that are big on hype (and travel expenses!) but leave you with the same cookie-cutter “strategies” everyone else gets—not to mention a serious lack of clarity and brain-exploding overwhelm the day after it’s over!

You’ll get personal guidance for every challenge and opportunity you come up against, even the ones you can’t even imagine yet. A mastermind is based on your needs and your questions, to give you the biggest impact in the shortest period of time.
So, What Exactly is a Mastermind?!
Great question! A mastermind is a group of focused, high-achievers who are dedicated to taking their businesses to the next level. They’re facilitated by a mentor who imparts her knowledge and facilitates discussion among the group. Not only does each member of a mastermind get the guidance from an expert, they get insight, support, and ideas from their exceptional peers. It’s a group of brilliant minds coming together to solve problems and overcome challenges in one MASTERmind!
And By the Way, What Happens on a Group Call? 
Group calls are actually many people’s very favorite part of a mastermind! They’re your chance to learn new insights and strategies, but also get your business in the spotlight to brainstorm on your unique challenges. You’ll spend a little bit of time on our group calls getting your fellow mastermind members caught up on what you’re dealing with, and then you’ll get feedback, advice, and ideas from me and the rest of the Amplify members. It’s kind of like sharing your biggest challenge to your closest group of friends who are completely invested in your success and will give you their best advice—except it’s better, because these are friends who 'get' your business and your challenges. Think: Priceless insight from people who’ve been there and can help you with the very best way to move forward!
PAYMENT PLAN: $497 x 3
Pay in Full Bonuses for Enthusiastic Action-Takers!
When you commit to Amplify and choose to Pay in Full, we'll upgrade your private 60-minute goal-setting call to a full 2 hour Intensive. Kick off your membership with extreme clarity, loads of inspiration, and set you well on your way to your breakout year!

Don’t miss out on your chance to join and be gifted this amazing bonus! 
Did You Fall for This, Too?
“If I just work harder and give it more time, I can make this business work.” 

Does that sound familiar? If you’re like most studio owners—even most business owners—you’ve been operating with the idea that more work and trying to figure it out on your own will eventually equal more success. 

Except that it’s not true. In fact, you’ve probably noticed that the more hours you put in, the more ideas you try, it's like throwing spaghetti against the wall…and all without seeing any more success in your business.

Here’s the truth: Hard work is NOT the key to success!

In fact, working hard on the wrong things will only take you further from your goals. Further from a successful studio, further from more time with your kids, further from a happy marriage, further from stress-free finances. 

Here’s What it REALLY Takes to Transform Your Business ...

Mistakenly relying on hard work isn’t your fault: No one told what you really need to rely on for studio success! (And probably because they didn’t even know it to tell you. After all, there’s a reason why 50% of small businesses fail within five years.)

Instead of putting in the hours and spinning your wheels, you need to focus on proven tactics and strategies to streamline your business, increase your student numbers, and diversify your income streams.

Does that sound a little…complicated? Difficult? Daunting? It is…UNLESS, you have help to guide you through it, every single step of the way. That’s where Amplify and I come in.

The Ins and Outs of Getting Into Amplify
Since we’re limiting Amplify Mastermind to only 20 studio owners, and we're working closely for the next year, it’s essential that we create the right group of dynamic women!

Step 1: APPLY
When you apply, we'll ask you a number of questions to learn more about you, your studio, your main priorities, and your challenges.  There’s no obligation to join and no deposit required when you fill out the application, just the opportunity for us to learn more about you and your studio! 

Alicia will personally review each and every application to ensure that we are creating a high-level group where everyone has the right energy, is committed to their growth and not their excuses, and shares similar experiences and values.

When you click "Apply Now", you'll also be prompted to schedule a quick, no-obligation fitting call through Zoom with a member of my team (it's similar to Skype and very user friendly.)

 This is NOT a sales call, but a relaxed conversation about the current state of your studio. My team is there to have an honest, intimidation-free discussion about your needs and goals, answer questions or address any reservations you might be having, and to ultimately determine if you’re a good fit for Amplify (and to see if Amplify is a good fit for you.) 

 If it's a good fit for both of us, you will be invited to join Amplify. Or, we may recommend a better suited alternative. 

 You will have 72 hours after your call to officially commit before your spot is offered to the next person. If you join prior to November 20th, you will be granted early access to the entire library of courses PLUS 30 days of private Voxer voice and text message support from Alicia so you can begin your transformation right away!  

Don’t miss out on your chance to join! Apply for Amplify today. 
Welcome! My name is Alicia!
Hi there! My name is Alicia Jonas, and I’m the owner of a successful multi-six figure dance and music studio, as well as a business strategist and podcaster focused on supporting studio owners like you. 

At least, that’s how I introduce myself at cocktail parties or when I’m at business events!  

And, don’t get me wrong, that’s important. I’ve been in the weeds, building my studio since 2006. And I love helping studio owners to create amazing transformations in their businesses.

But if you really want to know me, we’ve got to go back to 2010 - to when my studio was just barely scraping by, when I was already putting in too much time and simultaneously spinning my wheels—and still not getting any traction. When my husband came home one evening and told me he’d lost his job, and suddenly I became the primary breadwinner for our family. And to the 11 months of panic while he was out of work and I was constantly scrambling to find anything—yes, anything—to make my studio work. 

See, when it comes to the challenges that running a studio throws at you, I’ve seen them all. I’ve dealt with the instructor everyone loves who can’t seem to show up on time, I’ve dealt with new knock-off studios opening up just across town and trying to copy my programs, I’ve dealt with having to sacrifice my own paycheck AND pay out of the household funds for studio expenses…and a whoooole lot of other drama that I don’t even have the space to list out!

But I’ve also gotten past all of that. I’ve put in the time (and the investments!) to learn everything I needed to know to not only turn my studio around, but turn it into a thriving, valued business in my community. I know the tactics, I know the strategies, I know the surprise insights, and now I also share them all with my studio owner clients.

Taking the big, bold steps isn’t always easy—especially when you’re not confident that they’re the right steps. But that’s why I’m here: To help guide you to play big, and see those big results in your studio.

I went from an overworked, overwhelmed, and just generally panicked studio owner to a happy and fulfilled owner of a thriving, financially successful studio. I’m dedicated to helping other studio owners see that same breakthrough. I’m dedicated to making owning a studio as fun as you always dreamed it would be. 

I’d love to personally help you transform your business and your life. Click below to apply now to join Amplify!
“I am literally welcoming new students every single day. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and so excited for the future! Thank you (Alicia Jonas) so much for being a part of my journey and for encouraging me to continue trying new ideas fearlessly.”

Lindsey D - VidaDance Studio, KS
Jola J. booked 50 trial classes in JUST 12 days and DOUBLED her enrollment within 90 days of starting working with Alicia, setting her up financially to open a second location just one year later!

Jola J - Dance Fever, IL

"Alicia Jonas’s Studio Accelerator course is a great, great course and a great program! It hugely benefitted my business obviously after seeing the results that she shared. So I wish that for everyone else!"

Erin C-
Rince Nua Irish Dance, MN
"Alicia and her programs are amazing! The entire process is so supportive and helpful. I have been in business for 20 years and have still learnt so many things from Alicia. This is a great program for the beginner as well as any length of time in business. I am so thankful I found Alicia and her programs!"

Allison B- Rising Star Academy of Arts, Winnipeg, Canada
"Thank YOU for everything! I really feel like I have had a fire lit under me, and have been working so hard to put things in place for the upcoming season! SO excited for this opportunity, and thanks again for making it accessible to me and Vanessa!"

Stephanie Nichole - Evolutions School of Dance, AB
"I really got so much out of the retreat. I’m also on an upswing with getting stuff done. We created a group Voxer and we are using it! It feels great to check in with others and to not feel alone."

Jennifer Sheldon Kranenberg - NY
"I had the privilege of meeting Alicia through IG, and I knew she needed to share her knowledge, insight, and spirit with the world.... She offers so much insight, and clarity."

Erin Pride - The Dance Boss Podcast
"Generous and Practical 💕"
"I have been a fan of Alicia Jonas for a few years now...and I’m busting with excitement with all the amazing things she has done in her business. Truly a woman of amazing character and integrity, Alicia brings so many tools, tips and strategies with a generous heart to her tribe."

Melissa Huber - The Dancing House, WI
"Smart, strategic leader!"
"Alicia is a wonderful business owner and leader. Her style is friendly and fun, chocked full of tips for business owners!"

Anna Oakes - We Restore Humanity, WI
Stephanie K. (along with her sister and biz partner Vanessa) had worked with a business coach, but were looking for more studio-specific strategies to keep scaling and also ensure that their mission and values shined through. Since working together, they have streamlined their inquiry process which has helped them significantly grow their enrollment, implemented a new community outreach program, and created a leadership team to assume some of their daily workload and further support their continued growth.
Jennifer K. updated her "old" methods (her words!) of marketing and attracting new customers and has easily seen a return on her investment. She has grown her class sizes, implemented an exciting new income stream with adult classes, and even booked 70 trial classes for adults in one-week. She is loving the community that Amplify provides. She now feels more confident in her ability to make the best decisions for her business and her joy, spark and passion for her studio has returned.
Chan'tele was a brand new studio owner when she started working with Alicia, and since then has implemented structures and automations that have helped her be more efficient and nurture her current customers, while setting her up to scale in the next several years. She booked 40 trial lessons in just 2 months (more than her entire previous season) and feels more confident and empowered as a young studio owner. 
Let's talk about those amazing retreats... (My favorite part!)
It is impossible to explain how magical it is to meet your mastermind sisters in-person. Connections are formed, stories are shared, and also when you are surrounded by other high-achievers, you witness the true meaning of "iron sharpens iron".

At our retreats, we’re going to be laser focused on your business, but we're also going to have an absolute blast doing it. Inside these 2.5 day retreats, plan to reignite your entrepreneurial engine as you set your game plan for the next 90 days and connect deeply with your fellow Amplify sisters. 

Your enrollment includes all business mastermind sessions, snacks, and lunches, and since having a successful business is also about incorporating FUN, we'll make sure to include some group excursions and nights out that includes dinner and drinks and plenty of bonding, lady-boss style.  Retreat travel and accommodations are not included.

Spring 2020 Retreat in 
Scottsdale, Arizona
Let’s reinvigorate our businesses together in beautiful Scottsdale! Escape to the warmth and enjoy 2 1/2 amazing days of clarity, implementation, and connection surrounded by beautiful scenery and diverse cultural and architectural attractions.
summer 2020 Retreat in
Our second 2 1/2 day retreat brings us to the gorgeous and vibrant Chicago, Illinois!  We’ll brainstorm, strategize and implement to get a head start on a successful new season. We'll also make sure we make time for fun and some of the best cuisine in the city!
fall 2020 virtual Retreat
Amplify also includes a 2 day virtual retreat so you can keep the momentum going without having to leave home or interrupt your studio routine. It's two full mornings of strategies, brainstorming, and guest experts to keep you moving full-force towards your 2020 goals.
What type of studio owner is Amplify right for?
I’m keeping our Amplify Mastermind group small, so it’s essential that every member go all in! 

Amplify Is For You If:
  • You’re already running an established studio with at least 100 students (Why? See below. However, exceptions may be made for studio owners that are the right fit.)
  • ​You’ve been in business for a few years already and you're committed to take your studio to the next level  
  • ​You’re ready for consistent, reliable income and to take your business to six-figures (or multi-six figures) annually
  • ​You’re ready for a change from the huge memberships and events that leave you with the same “strategies” as all of the other 500+ studio owners 
  • ​You’re a go-getter and a high achiever who isn’t afraid to try new things and is willing to do the work 
  • ​You’re ready and willing to give support and ideas to other studio owners like you 
  • ​You’re open to collaborating on new ideas and you’re willing to be coached through your limiting beliefs  
However, Amplify Is Not For You If:
  •  You’re brand new to building your studio business. Why? We’ll be implementing advanced tactics in the mastermind that you’re likely not ready for. (Check out my free or lower cost resources instead!) 
  • ​You’re used to making excuses why something won't work and not willing to look at your challenges differently or to get outside of your comfort zone 
  • ​You’re not open to change, collaborating on ideas, or to being coached through your limiting beliefs
  • ​You’re not willing to hire or delegate to other team members or not willing to outsource tasks or projects 
  • ​You’re not willing or able to put in the time to show up for the mastermind calls and events 
  • ​You only see this opportunity as what you can gain, not what you can give, and are not willing to contribute ideas and support to your fellow Amplify members
Here's What You Can Expect as an Amplify Member:
  • 2-60 Minute Closed Door Group Calls Every Month & All Call Recordings (Value $6000)
  • ​1-30-Minute Private 1:1 Coaching Call Every Month (Value $6000)
  • 1-60-Minute Private Goal-Setting Call (Value $1000) **Pay in Full: Upgrade to a Private 2-Hour Intensive
  • ​Free, unlimited access to my ENTIRE course library and anything else I create while you are a member (Value $3000)
  • ​Private Facebook Group (Value $3000)
  • ​In-depth guest-expert trainings from some of the top pros in marketing, business building, and more (Value $2000)
  • ​2 Exclusive In-Person Retreats - Scottsdale, AZ and Chicago, IL (Value $8000)
  • ​1-2 Day Virtual Retreat (Value $2000)
  • ​Unlimited Monday-Friday Private Voxer Voice & Text Support (Value $5000) 
  • ​**Early Bird Bonus: 30  Additional Days of Voxer Support and Access to Full Course Library Before January 1st Kickoff (join by Nov. 20th)
What's the total value of everything you'll receive inside of Amplify?
Pay in Full Bonuses for Enthusiastic Action-Takers!
When you commit to Amplify and choose to Pay in Full, we'll upgrade your private 60-minute goal-setting call to a full 2 hour Intensive. Kick off your membership with extreme clarity, loads of inspiration, and set you well on your way to your breakout year!

Don’t miss out on your chance to join and be gifted this amazing bonus! 
Nina K. went from overwhelmed studio owner, trying to juggle her full-time job and 3 locations, to a TRUE systems and automation believer!  We implemented custom systems and strategies that streamlined her inquiry and follow up processes for her 3 different locations. This one simple step was HUGE for her as it allowed her to focus her limited time on nurturing and providing a tailored customer journey, growing her studio on AUTO-PILOT without spending hours on tedious admin tasks. 
Chris and Kahli Z. booked out their trial class schedule and converting 70% into students, which grew their enrollment by 73% in just ONE season. The exponential growth allowed this husband and wife team to grow their staff, enabling them to scale their business faster AND free up more time for work and play.
Rebecca T. enrolled 10 students in her first 30 days using a SINGLE strategy I recommended and grew her enrollment by 20% in 6 weeks. 
In her time working with me, Erin C. more than TRIPLED the number of booked trial lessons every month in her small Irish dance studio, booking more during the first 5 months of 2018 than all of 2017. She also grew her conversion rate to 50% and is on track to outgrow her studio space by the end of this year.
Lindsey D. gained more confidence and has felt her joy and excitement for her studio return. With the increase in revenue and students, she has been able to cut back her hours at her day job and focus more time on her studio.
Kelly B. clarified her mission statement & values so that she was speaking directly her her IDEAL CLIENT and used my strategies to expand her visibility and marketing efforts. These strategies resulted in her most successful opening week of registration and growing her enrollment by 40 students (that's a 30% increase.)
Why Amplify over free advice or other programs?

The short answer? 
Because I know from experience that what got you HERE, won't get you THERE.

Sure, maybe those Facebook groups, free trainings, memberships, or conferences served you well for some time. But hey, that worked for where your studio WAS before - not where it's GOING. 

There comes a point when we outgrow the information that brought us where we are...When we realize that to take our business to the next level, we need to get a fresh perspective, a new framework to build upon, and higher-level strategies that can bring us higher-level outcomes.

Relying on free advice, unfortunately, is just a Band-aid. It is not a long term solution to growth and can often leave you more confused and wasting time and money chasing shiny objects.  

And memberships and conferences tend to gear much of their content toward delivering one-size-fits-all strategies and expect every studio to run the same way and have the same type of clientele.  There is little chance you will receive any personalized attention to dive into your specific needs, and you might even be passed off to a 'junior coach' as the number of studio owners becomes too large for one mentor to serve.

It is best to work with a mentor who knows your studio, your strengths, and your challenges and can give you a CUSTOM roadmap to results, rather than doing the equivalent of throwing spaghetti against the wall, which costs you valuable time and money.

Here's the thing...Your studio isn't ONE SIZE FITS ALL. You deserve an experienced mentor that gets to know YOU and your unique personal and business goals. And you want to be able to actually get the most VALUE out of your investment, no matter the price.

If you want HIGH-TOUCH, PERSONALIZED support based on YOUR STUDIO and YOUR ULTIMATE GOALS, Amplify is the solution.

PAYMENT PLAN: $497 x 3
I know: You’ve just gotten over the craziness of the last few months and you’ve barely had a chance to start planning for the new year. But that’s part of what makes “right now” so important.

Here’s the thing: The longer you wait, the more time and money you’re going to waste. Unless you get started now, you’re looking at another year of working hard for too few rewards. Another year of struggling, another year of missing out on precious, priceless time with your kids, another year of stress and guilt and frustration.

Or…you could take your future into your hands now. You can stand up for yourself and declare that this is going to be the year that you turn it all around. That this is the year you turn your studio into your dream business. The year that you skip the summer slump in favor of consistent income all year long. The year that you watch your student numbers and revenue snowball. That this is the year you finally crack the code to success!

Look, honestly, not everyone is going to be up to this. There are a lot of studio owners out there who think they want success…but they’re too scared to actually take the steps to get there. For those people, their studio “business” is always going to stay an expensive hobby. 

Here’s the thing: You aren’t supposed to already have all the answers! I don’t know why sometimes we think that just because we know how to teach our classes that we should also know everything about how to grow a business. That’s not how it works!

And if the “right” formula or template or freebie download were out there that would turn your business around, don’t you think you’d have found it already? Your business has specific challenges and those challenges have specific solutions. There’s no “one size fits all solution.”

The simple truth is that the way you’ve been doing things has gotten you exactly where you are today. And if you keep doing things the same way…you’ll keep getting exactly what you’ve got. If you want your business to change, the way you approach your business has to change.

Chasing solutions that don’t work is THE most expensive thing you can possibly do—such a drain on your time and money that it might even close your business. But investing your time and money in something that actually works? That pays you back dozens of time over, both figuratively and entirely literally. That’s the difference between a purchase and an investment: A purchase is money going out and gone forever. An investment is designed to pay for itself and pay for itself many times over. 
Are you really comfortable being stuck in the same place this time next year?

What would life and business be like if you didn't take the next steps?

Investing can be scary. Trust me.

But...successful business owners make investments, knowing that it will pay for itself over and over again. 
If you’re ready to stop letting fear hold you back, really serious about your business, really serious about making your studio as successful as it can be and turning your life into a creative flow and cultivating beautiful balance among all the things that matter to you…then it’s time for you to take your first step. 

And remember, this first step couldn’t be easier! Just fill out the application and you and a member of my team will have time to talk. No pressure, no pitches—just your chance to see if Amplify might be right for you.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does the application process work?
In order to ensure that we are creating the highest-vibe group possible, all applications are reviewed personally by Alicia. As you submit your application, you will also book a call with a member of Alicia's team who can answer any questions and further recommend if you're a good fit for the program, or possibly recommend a different program that is better suited. If invited to join the program, you will then have 72 hours to accept your spot before we offer it to the next person.
Does this program include 1:1 support from Alicia?
The Amplify Mastermind is as close as you can get to one-on-one coaching with me, with the added bonus support of a group of experienced studio owners. It really is the best of both worlds! You’ll have everything you need to transform your business and take action, including one private call with me per month, 2 group coaching calls, a private Facebook group, AND Monday - Friday Voxer access to me.

How many women will be inside Amplify Mastermind??
This group is for studio owners who are ready to scale their studios and implement high-level strategies to create epic transformation in their lives and businesses. Because I’m so invested in creating high-touch experiences and huge transformations for these studio owners, I’m limiting it to just 20 ladies total at this time.
What types of studios is this program best suited for? 
Amplify Mastermind is most fitting for established schools, studios, and gyms (dance, yoga, music, gymnastics, fitness, and similar) who are feeling stuck, not growing, and looking for a proven strategies to scale their enrollment and revenues in a sustainable, predictable way applying next level strategies, mindset hacks, up-to-date automation techniques, and non-pushy sales methods.

Between the 1:1 calls, Voxer support, group calls, and the private FB group you'll have plenty of opportunities to get your questions answered and receive my personal feedback on how to apply these strategies to your unique business setup and current challenges.
What is the investment? 
Amplify Mastermind is the highest-touch program with the most support and access to Alicia and all of her programs, and the amount of attention and resources you receive in this program is second only to one-on-one coaching.  Spots are limited to that YOU can have the most access and therefore, the biggest transformation possible, so the investment is reflective of that while still being super affordable in comparison to most high-level masterminds. There are 3 convenient payment options for membership, ranging from Pay in Full, Monthly Payments, and an Extended Payment Plan. Once you apply, our team members will discuss the investment and payment options in detail.
What happens if I can't attend the live calls?
While live participation is encouraged to receive the most value from the program and have the biggest opportunity to get your questions answered, we understand that you are busy and may occasionally need to miss a call. All calls are recorded and the recordings stored in a shared cloud folder for you to download and watch at your convenience.
When does the program start?
The program officially starts on January 1st and the first call will be that first week. However, if you join and complete all agreements prior to November 20th, you'll get immediate access to your Early Bird Bonuses - which includes the entire library of courses as well as your 30 Days of Voxer access to Alicia. It's like getting a bonus 4-6 weeks of membership!

We will begin admitting members into the FB group starting December 15th.

**For those who  "Pay in Full" you WILL be able to book your bonus 2 hour private intensive starting January 1st!
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