Amplify Mastermind: Online Track
A 12 Month High-Touch Experience for Female Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, and Professionals
Ready to Cultivate Their Expertise and Grow Their Business Online 
I am looking for a select few ACTION-TAKERS who want to 
Seriously scale their business in the next 12 months.

 If that’s you, I invite you to join Amplify today!
We are currently accepting applications.
Maybe you have had an idea on your heart for some time, and are ready to take your passion and expertise to contribute to the world in a BIG way while making an amazing income with unlimited potential.

Maybe you have been in business for some time and are feeling like you've hit a plateau, and know it’s time for you to gain some new insights and a new approach to reinvigorate your biz and set yourself up for success.

Maybe you’re already running a successful business or side-hustle, but know there is so much more you can achieve - more income, more demand, more impact - and you’re willing to work for it.

Regardless of whether you fit in one of these categories, MY mission is to help successful women who are driven for more to become confident CEO's of their business. 

With a vision for more...

Not content to settle for the way things are right now...

Ready to spark change in your industry (and your life, too)...

Looking and waiting for your breakout...

Desiring to be viewed as the expert (by people other than your mother)...

Committed to doing the work, taking risks, and even getting uncomfortable when necessary...

Ready to make an impact and create a movement bigger than YOU...
    Amplifying Your business can lead to more visibility, more clients, and Impacting more than ever before. 
    Joining a mastermind and fully committing to growing your business or side-hustle might feel a little scary to you right now.

    But do you know what is worse? Knowing that you're meant for something more and not taking the leap when you had the chance. Missing your window of opportunity and living with regret. 

    You know in your heart that achieving this dream is 100% possible for you, especially when you are surrounded with people who are all working towards larger than life goals.

    If you’re ready to surround yourself with like-minded, action-taking female entrepreneurs who will fully support you and hold nothing back when it comes to helping you achieve your goals (and maybe even become your biz besties), 
    READ ON...
    The Amplify Mastermind Online Track is for you if  ONE or more of the following rings true to you:
      You’re an entrepreneur with experience and expertise to share with the world and even stronger vision to change lives with it, through courses, group programs, masterminds, coaching, or live events.
      You’re a service professional or business owner  ready to leverage your side hustle or brick and mortar business into a full-scale online empire with multiple products and revenue streams.
      You’ve been building your online business for some time but are ready to create more consistent passive revenue to help you grow and serve more people.
      You've been successful in building your business in the past but you have hit a turning point and have no idea how to take your business to the next step,
      Whether you are looking to create consistent $5-10K months, launch your signature program or product suite, or want to start a movement in your industry,
      there is one thing you can’t afford NOT to have.
      Please note: If you meet the requirements above, your application will be considered.
      However, it does not guarantee your spot unless you hear back from us.
      When you’re a part of the Amplify Mastermind - Online Track, you experience the business world through a new perspective and with more support than ever.

      This experience is not about offering you one-size-fits-all advice and strategies. It’s about learning the most up-to-date strategies, methods, and technologies and applying them to your unique business to maximize your results and increase your bottom line.  

      Over the period of 12 months, there will be 24 bi-monthly, 60-minute virtual meetings over Zoom and 2 energizing in-person retreats. 

      And don't forget the exclusive private Facebook Community. Imagine a  private VIP room full of genuine behind the scenes discussions, celebrations, honest feedback, collaborations, and deep support for each other every step of the way. 

      Along with the group discussions and brainstorming, you have the opportunity to share your business challenges or to ask for help or further discussion on any topic along the way. You’re sure to experience major breakthroughs and clarity as a result of actionable, customized advice.

      You won’t find these advanced secrets and practical advice anywhere else as they are accumulated over time, not from a free group or training on the internet.
        HI! I'm Alicia, and I’m here to tell you that when you're truly committed to transforming your life and business and fully commit to the process, there is no force powerful enough to stop you. 
        A few years ago, I was EXACTLY where you are right now. I had a small following and a few clients, but when it came to taking it to the next level, I was lost.

        For a long time, I played small in my business. I didn't show up fully. I did everything myself. My effort was scattered from day to day because I wasn't building in structures to keep my biz growing daily. 

        I wondered if or when I would ever find success (let alone create steady $5k months), without the skills and credibility of other more established entrepreneurs I followed.

        I tried so hard to emulate what other successful coaches were doing, but without knowing the behind-the-scenes strategies, I never was able to create those crazy brag-worthy results.
        The secret was, I wasn't leveraging what worked and sticking with it. 

        But when I did a big scary thing and joined a high-level mastermind, that’s when everything changed.

        I accomplished more in the first 30 days than I had in the previous year, launching a brand new program and signing a new private client to have my first $5K month. 

        I went from sitting on the sidelines of my business to doubling my annual income, working with clients I love, and having a team on my side.

        Now I’m on track to hit six figures by the end of the year, have more flexibility in my schedule than ever before, and I have grown my impact exponentially through group programs and masterminds.

        Inside the Amplify Mastermind, I’m sharing with you all my lessons learned along the way, the step-by-step roadmap to consistent $5-10K months, and giving you that biz-bestie-that-will-hold-your-feet-to-the-fire accountability you’ve been missing.

        It absolutely lights me up to support purpose-driven female entrepreneurs to break through their challenges, operate at their highest potential, and create self-sustaining businesses that allow them the ultimate freedom of time and passion.

        If you know what you want in life and business, there is no better time to go for it than NOW.

        You’ve got to walk past your fears and do it scared.

        Because success lies beyond your comfort zone.
        Amplify members get to look over my shoulders into my own business, where you'll get unfiltered access to all behind-the-scene strategies and systems that I’m implementing and plan on optimizing as I grow. I will also tell you exactly what I've tried, what worked, and what didn't, so you have ALL the info necessary to avoid any costly learning lessons.

        This is the closest one can ever be to my business and my personal development journey, and I will share it all with you.

        Apart from bi-monthly group calls, you also get ONE 60-minute private kick-off strategy call and an additional 30-minute private coaching call every 30 days where you get individual advice and strategy from the person who has not only built one but multiple successful businesses.  
          Running and growing a business can be lonely and overwhelming, especially when you feel like there is SO much information available online. 

          With the plethora of videos, blogs, and webinars, it can be difficult to know what strategies could apply to your unique business and how to implement them successfully.

          That's why we'll work together - to connect on a deeper level, to keep your goals and vision in focus, and to weed through ALL the possible strategies to determine your best cause of action for seeing results right now.

          Energy gets magnified and dramatic shifts happen when like-minded individuals come together and support each other.

          And when it comes to playing a BIGGER game and creating TRUE, lasting impact, nothing beats the power of in-person connection. 

          The Amplify Mastermind is a fun, gratifying and exciting experience, where extreme clarity and momentum are further cultivated in-person through our exclusive, members-only retreats.
            Let's talk about those amazing retreats...
            It is impossible to explain how magical it is to meet your mastermind sisters in-person. Connections are formed, stories are shared, and also when you are surrounded by other high-achievers, you witness the true meaning of "iron sharpens iron".

            At our retreats, we’re going to be laser focused on your business, but we're also going to have an absolute blast doing it. Inside these 2.5 day retreats, plan to reignite your entrepreneurial engine as you set your game plan for the next 90 days and connect deeply with your fellow Amplify sisters. 

            Your enrollment includes all business mastermind sessions, snacks, and lunches, plus one post-session group night out that includes dinner and drinks. 

            Fall 2019 Retreat in 
            Chicago, Illinois
            Let's meet and map out our next 12 months in one of my favorite cities, Chicago! We’ll gain clarity while strategizing your breakthrough year and help you create a business that lights you up every single day.  We'll also make time for fun in the Windy City!
            Spring 2020 Retreat in 
            Scottsdale, Arizona
            Let’s reinvigorate our businesses together in beautiful Scottsdale! Escape to the warmth and enjoy 2 1/2 amazing days of clarity, implementation, and connection surrounded by beautiful scenery and diverse cultural and architectural attractions.
            If you’re looking for a tribe of high performing entrepreneurs who are experienced, driven and committed to creating a lasting IMPACT, don’t look any further.
            Real Conversations. VALUABLE ConnectionS. Massive Transformation.
            Applications now being accepted.
               2 - 60-Minute Closed Door Group Calls Every Month (Value $6000)

              1-60 Minute Private Kickoff Call 
              (Value $750)

              1-30 Minute Private Coaching Call Every Month
              (Value $6000)

              2 Exclusive In-Person Retreats - Chicago, IL and Scottsdale, AZ
              (Value $8000)

              Opportunity to Be Featured on Alicia's Dance Studio Amplified Podcast and to her entire email list
              (Value $2000)

              Unlimited Monday-Friday Private Voice Support 
              (Value $5000)

              Private FB Group
              (Value $5000)

              Monthly Guest Expert Trainings
              (Value $3500)

              What's the total value of everything you'll receive inside Amplify ?
              AMPLIFY is an INVESTMENT:
              Please do not apply unless you are serious about giving 110%, taking the strategies presented and putting in the time and work to implement, allowing yourself to be held accountable, as well as contribute fully to the group.  My priority is to ensure you see a return on your investment, but that will only happen if you take responsibility and do the work. 
              • • • • • •

                Fill out and submit your application. Alicia will personally review each and every application.
                If we think the program is right for you, we will notify you by email within 48 hours. You will have 72 hours to accept your placement before we release your spot to the next person.
                If we do not think the program is a good fit for you at this time, we will reach out to you within 48 hours.
                "Alicia and her programs are amazing! The entire process is so supportive and helpful. I have been in business for 20 years and have still learnt so many things from Alicia. This is a great program for the beginner as well as any length of time in business. I am so thankful I found Alicia and her programs! "

                Allison Banman - Rising Star Academy of Arts, MB
                "Working with Alicia helped me boost my enrollment by 20% in 6 weeks!”

                Rebecca Rivera Tyler - Studio B Performing Arts, NY
                "Alicia Jonas’s course is a great, great course and a great program! It hugely benefitted my business obviously after seeing the results that she shared. So I wish that for everyone else!"

                Erin Cooney-
                Irish Dance Business Owners, MN
                “I am literally welcoming new students every single day. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and so excited for the future! Thank you (Alicia Jonas) so much for being a part of my journey and for encouraging me to continue trying new ideas fearlessly.”

                Lindsey Dinneen - VidaDance Studio, KS
                "Thank YOU for everything! I really feel like I have had a fire lit under me, and have been working so hard to put things in place for the upcoming season! SO excited for this opportunity, and thanks again for making it accessible to me and Vanessa!"

                Stephanie Nichole - Evolutions School of Dance, AB
                "I really got so much out of the retreat. I’m also on an upswing with getting stuff done. We created a group Voxer and we are using it! It feels great to check in with others and to not feel alone."

                Jennifer Sheldon Kranenberg - NY
                "I had the privilege of meeting Alicia through IG, and I knew she needed to share her knowledge, insight, and spirit with the world.... She offers so much insight, and clarity."

                Erin Pride - The Dance Boss Podcast
                "Generous and Practical 💕
                I have been a fan of Alicia Jonas for a few years now...and I’m busting with excitement with all the amazing things she has done in her business. Truly a woman of amazing character and integrity, Alicia brings so many tools, tips and strategies with a generous heart to her tribe."

                Melissa Huber - The Dancing House, WI
                "Smart, strategic leader!
                Alicia is a wonderful business owner and leader. Her style is friendly and fun, chocked full of tips for business owners!"

                Anna Oakes - We Restore Humanity, WI
                I am looking for a select few go-getters, the committed and driven female entrepreneurs
                who are ready to make this year their BREAKOUT year. Is that you?
                  • AMPLIFY is not for you are just getting started and you have no idea who you want to serve or what you want to do.  My other programs (mainly a private VIP Strategy Day or 1:1 Coaching) are the best place for you to start! 
                  • ​If you’re looking for an information-based program or modules where I teach and you implement, this is not for you. This is a Mastermind, where each member of the group will contribute towards the continuous growth of members through discussion, brainstorming, and their unique business knowledge. 
                  • ​This is not for you if you are looking for guarantees or quick results. It’s a ONE year solid commitment, so you need to be 110% devoted to the process and accountable for taking action to achieve your results. 
                  • ​Definitely not for you if you are already satisfied with your current level of success (therefore not highly motivated), get easily offended, make excuses for why you're not reaching your goals, or are not open to honest feedback.
                    Do you have questions about Amplify?? 

                    Q: How many women will be inside Amplify Mastermind?
                    Answer: This group is for women who are ready to monetize their expertise and scale their side hustle to create epic transformation in their lives and businesses. Because I’m so invested in creating high-touch experiences and huge transformations for these women, I’m limiting it to just 12 ladies total at this time.

                    Q: How much access do I get to Alicia?
                    Answer: The Amplify Mastermind is as close as you can get to one-on-one coaching with me, with the added bonus support of a group of successful female entrepreneurs. It really is the best of both worlds!  You’ll have everything you need to transform your business and take action, including one private call with me per month, 2 group coaching calls, AND Monday - Friday Voxer access to me.

                    Q: What’s the investment?
                    Answer: How much is it worth to you to earn an additional $50-100K a year? To create consistent $5-10K months? To learn the tools that can be applied over and over again to grow your audience, launch your programs, and generate amazing results? Making the decision to invest in your business is one of the fastest ways to see that happen. The investment for Amplify Mastermind is $5500 if paid in full, or 12 monthly payments of $497. However, the actual value of everything you will receive is over $36,0000.

                    Q: When does the Amplify Mastermind - Online Track start?
                    Answer: We officially kick things off October 1st and run until September 30th, 2020. That means if you’re thinking about waiting for the next round, it won’t open until Fall of 2020 (that is, if there are spaces available) and I can guarantee the price will be significantly higher.  So if you're looking to start seeing big results now, I encourage you to apply ASAP.

                    Q: What if I don't have a business established yet?
                    Answer: This program is for established business owners looking to stand out, create consistent revenue, and create structures to scale their businesses.  If you don't have a business yet, or aren't sure what you want to do, this is not the program for you. A private VIP strategy day or working 1:1 with Alicia is your best option. 

                    My team is ready to assist you!
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